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“My hero, Jason. He took something I had grown to hate and made it into something phenomenally beautiful. He is an AMAZING artist. Like “worth a weekend visit to oregon occasionally for an ink job” amazing. I just can’t brag on him enough. His partner Jay is just as cool. Can’t wait for my next trip west, great family and kickass tattoo artist friends, hell yeah! (SERIOUSLY, if you find yourself in the Portland area, they are the ones you wanna go to!)”
Kristie Sokolsky

“I have been going to see Jason for over 11 years. There is a reason for that. His prices are competitive his skill is exceptional and his professionalism is beyond reproach. Within the first ten minutes of meeting Jason I made a lifelong friend. I have sent countless people to get their work done with J and everyone had thanked me for the referral and become a repeat customer. No one will ever tattoo myself or my family except Jason Take.”

“My tattoo is the Alice in Wonderland tattoo located under “Our Work”. This was a cover up of very unattractive tattoo and you would NEVER KNOW! Jason is amazing, I can’t say enough good things about his work. I drove 6 hours back and fourth and it was completely worth it. Jason is a fantastic artist and nailed exactly what I was looking for. I completely recommend Lucky Supreme.”

“Amazing tattoo work. Awesome people. Jason kicks ass!”

“Awesome job!!! Jason is a great artist, and always fair in pricing, I always recommend him and his shop to everyone i know.”

“Very professional and does quality tattoos.”

“Had a great cover up done with Jason along with a skull and cross bones style tattoo as well. Not a single complaint from this canvas.”

“Jason rocks! He’s been my go to guy for ten + years.”